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Leadership Course

They were taught lots of things on leadership:
From the definition to traits and importance of being a leader.
They were taught that, leadership is not occupying a seat but accomplishing a feet.
Leadership is not a title we wear, but the values we add, not leading people, but taking a lead in any given task., it’s the process of deciding on a role and putting people together to work on common goal.
You can never become a leader without paying the price for it.
It’s not the composition we occupy but the outstanding values we made.
Leaders occur on three platforms
1. Born
2. Trusted
3. Achieve greatness

One and two are erroneous only the third is attainable.

What makes a good leader or quality of a good leader;
1. Empathy
2. Purpose
3. Listening
4. Making others feel happy
5. Vision
6. Growth mind set
7. Awareness
8. Helping
9. Community building
10. Persuasion.

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