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World International Day

With love and happiness we were able to change the wrong perceptions of our team and parents!
Thursday 24th October, we celebrated world United Nations day, it was well attended and highly appreciated!
We realized that among the 193 United countries only 10 are the most peaceful countries! Out of the ten, we celebrated six after considering some unique features of those countries. To make it real,we added our country Nigeria! “The giant of Africa”
We featured all our past and present leaders,their unique and distinguished roles, the learners learnt all the good features of our great country!
We joined hands in prayers and we spoke Peace into our country 🙏
But, let’s all embrace new turn.
Let’s be patriotic, disciplined and say NO to bribing and corruption!
Let’s support our leaders to allow peace👏
There will never be another place to call home
Our country is our country!
Nigeria is our pride👊
Our place that is ours
Nigeria will keep moving,
Well organized and technologically developed👌
We will become the envy of nations and
We will rejoice over our nation👏
Do your part and I will do mine.
Your space is never too small to influence
Let the new change begins!

Nigeria will forever be the Giant of Africa.

God bless Subtle Kids School and family 💞

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